Candidate For President Donald Trump is Assassinated By El Chapo


Donald Trump

Local Republican Donald Trump was assassinated while driving in his limousine through Las Vegas Nevada. On his way to the Trump Tower, Donald Trump was shot by an unknown sniper. According to LA News Mexican killer and outlaw El Chapo has escaped Mexican forces and crossed the border to the U.S. After many searches for this outlaw, American forces have decided that El Chapo has not actually crossed the border. But could this be the unknown sniper that shot Donald Trump?

What the Public Thinks

Many people of America don't know what to think, they are lost in confusion, not knowing what to do. We talked to few witnesses and asked them what they thought. According to Britney, I think that the sniper was El Chapo and he really didn't like the way Donald Trump was addressing Mexicans so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Many think that it was El Chapo, but others don't. According to Juan, a witness to the assassination, Donald Trump deserved what he got, he insulted Mexicans and El Chapo got vengeance.