Staff Members

Name: Matty B

Age: 10

Job: Head Musician/Rapper

Race: White

Hobbies: Getting 9 Year Old Girls, Balling Up, and Sleep

Education: Flunked pre-k for 9 years until giving up and going into the music business.

Name: Ronald McDonald

Age: 64

Job: Head Advertiser

Race: Killer Clown

Hobbies: Eating McChickens

Education: High School Dropout

Name: Barney

Age: 38

Job: Company Mascot

Race: Dinosaur

Hobbies: Terrorizing Children

Education: None

Name: Ash Ketchup

Age: 14

Job: Catching and fighting pokemon against their will

Race: Japanese

Hobbies: Animal Abuse

Education: How to Catch Em All

Name: Anthony Naber

Age: Unknown

Job: Copying and Pasting

Race: Drama Alert Nation(Keemstar's Assistant)

Hobbies: Student by Day Killer Clown by Night

Education: Drama Alert Nation High School

**Attention!! This is not real, this is all made up.**
But for real. Go check this guy's website out here.

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